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Foundation Farm was founded in 2006, following 10 years of experimentation in various forms of organic vegetable growing methods.  It was yet another step towards developing a professional and sustainable farm, a farm which would allow a family to live happily and sustain itself given today's economical demands.

 More can be learned about the driving forces behind the farm in the Farm Philosophy page.

Many of the farming methods used at the farm are extensions of gardening techniques fine-tuned on a small scale.  FF is within a 20 acre pasture, of which only five acres are dedicated to farming.  The actual surface in yearly cultivation is 24,000 square feet (1/2 acre), the balance of the land being needed for paths, general access, buffer zones and other areas (production shed, living area).  We are located in Northwest Arkansas, 10 miles North of a very picturesque town called Eureka Springs and 45 miles from a growing urban area comprising Fayetteville (home of University of Arkansas), Springdale, Rodgers and Bentonville.  Our bioregion is the Ozarks, with soft landscapes made of hills, pastures, woods (oaks and pines mostly) and good water (lakes, creeks, springs and ponds).  We are in climate zone 6 and get around 40 inches of water yearly.

In addition to our commercial farming activities, we offer a training program referred to as our farm school.  We feel one of our highest priority is to educate and motivate our next generation of small scale farmers.  Our planet needs it and our people do too.  There are very few places where the art of farming is taught.  We hope to spawn 100 new farms in our area alone over the next 20 years. Please refer to the Farm school page.


Disclaimer: Foundation Farm's programs and activities are neither sponsored by or affiliated with the "Farm Foundation", NFP or its trademark Farm Foundation(r).




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