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We are looking for trainees interested in establishing their own farm in the near future.  It is important to find committed individuals as we like to have 2 or 3 students yearly, in addition to others in our crew. 

One warning: our summers can be very hot and fieldwork can become difficult.  Please answer the following questions with total honesty. 

We will review all applications and select our students by March 1st. 

Warning: As the farmer is also the webmaster, some technical difficulty is preventing the application from submitting properly.  So, for now, please copy and paste questions/answers through e-mail.  Thanks...

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Foundation Farm School Application

First Name:          Last Name:




Why are you applying? (250 words or less):


What is your gardening/farming experience? (250 words or less, other farm references are useful):


Rate your physical aptitudes from 1(low) to 5(high):

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Would you wish to stay in the farm cabin?

yes      no


Please list at least 2 work references with email/phone numbers:


What else should we know about you and the context of your application? (250 words or less):


How did you learn about Foundation Farm school ?



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