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School Curriculum
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We will have class on Mondays following our field work.  Classes are in discussion format led by Patrice or other guest farmers/experts.  We cover the following topics over course of the season:

  1. Farm Set-up:   

1.1  How big a farm ? 
1.2  How to find land ?
1.3  How to choose land ?
1.4  How much to invest ?
1.5  How to find money ?
1.6  Time-table.
1.7  Farm mapping.

    2. Growing Soil:

 2.1  Techniques & Benefits of Permanent Beds.
 2.2  Techniques & Benefits of No-Till.
 2.3  Techniques & Benefits of Mulching.  
 2.4  Techniques & Benefits of Cover-Crops.

    3. Taming Water:

 3.1   Saving Water.
 3.2   Gathering Water.
 3.3   Irrigating.

    4. Hoop-houses and mini-tunnels:

 4.1   Construction, cost and benefits.
 4.2   Season by season utilization.

    5. Planning your Farming Year:

  5.1   Monitoring your profitability per crop.
  5.2   Planning your weekly bed activity.
  5.3   Projecting your yearly income.

      6. Marketing your Harvest:

   6.1  Farmers Markets.
   6.2  Stores.
   6.3  Restaurants.
   6.4  CSAs.
   6.5  Other ways

In addition, some of the classes will be spent on the growing method for a particular seasonal crop (one among over 30 which the farm produces yearly).




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